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Elevate your recruitment strategies with AI-powered precision, efficient candidate sourcing, collaboration tools, and automated engagement. Find the best-fit candidates effortlessly and transform your hiring journey today.

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Essentiq simplifies recruitment by integrating AI talent searches, collaborative tools, and automated engagement. Our platform streamlines the process of finding and connecting with top candidates, allowing recruiters to focus on impactful tasks for faster and smarter hiring.

Turn Profiles into Hires, Fast.

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Tired of Searching Candidates Manually?

Effortlessly source from a vast pool of 800+ million profiles. AI algorithms identify the most relevant candidates, providing up-to-date contact info for direct communication.

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800+ million LinkedIn profiles

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Up-to-date contact info

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Advanced AI search algorithms


Tired of Candidates Ignoring You?

Bulk select and reach out to candidates on autopilot with hyper-personalized messages. Enjoy a higher response rate and increased candidate interest through automated email campaigns with smart follow-ups.

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Hyper-personalized messages

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Higher response rate

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Smart follow-ups

Smart message sequences
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Struggling with Effective Team Collaboration?

Collaborate seamlessly with team members during the candidate search process, streamlining teamwork and improving communication.

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Collaborate with team members

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Save and share candidates

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Track your colleagues progress


Lacking Insights Early in the Recruitment Process?

Access crucial insights and track your recruitment progress from the very start, even before candidates apply or enter your ATS. Stay ahead with actionable data for more informed decision-making.

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Track progress

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Get insights

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Informed decision making

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We Stand to Be Compared

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LinkedIn Recruiter
Tailored for HR and Recruiting professionals
General professional networking
Mass Campaigns
Enables efficient outreach to a large number of candidates
Limited mass messaging capabilities
Customer Support
Dedicated support for HR and recruiting professionals
General customer support
Offers in-depth candidate and outreach statistics
Basic analytics and reporting
User Experience
User-friendly and designed specifically for recruiting
Broad user base with various professional needs
Database Size
800+ million profiles
800+ million profiles
Competitive pricing options
Relatively higher costs
Workflow Efficiency
Streamlined from sourcing to outreach in one platform
Separate tools for different stages
AI-Powered Sourcing
Leverages AI for advanced candidate search
Limited AI capabilities
Provides tools for crafting personalized messages
Generic outreach approach

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"Searching for candidates suddenly became enjoyable!"

Peter Aro

Peter Aro
Consultant manager at Nexus Consulting


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