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One-stop-shop for automating talent acquisition.

Our platform is designed to streamline every aspect of the recruitment process, from efficient candidate sourcing and engagement to collaborative team communication. Essentiq ensures a seamless experience for recruiters and candidates alike. 

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Source, reach out to candidates and collaborate - all from one platform.


Say goodbye to manual candidate searches. With Essentiq's AI-driven technology, simply paste your job description, and watch as our advanced algorithms scour a vast database to find the perfect candidates. It's recruitment made smarter, faster, and more efficient.

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Essentiq's outreach feature automates the process, allowing you to engage talent even when you're not actively working. Send AI generated personalized messages with automated follow ups when the candidate don't reply.

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Our platform makes it easy to collaborate with you team members. See all your colleagues activity, share candidates, notes and keep track of how your team is performing. 

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We empower recruiters with access to 600M+ diverse candidates to hire beyond your talent pool.


Reduce time spent on tedious tasks and maximize productivity with automation spanning sourcing, engagement, performance tracking and so much more.

Multichannel sequence


Essentiq has a powerful search engine with advanced filters to help you find exactly what you're looking for.


Everyone from internal recruiters to the recruiting firms can connect on Essentiq to source, engage and convert candidates for open roles.



Track all the insights you need to run a data-driven recruiting function that informs strategy, produces results and validates ROI.


Engage with candidates at scale with personalized multichannel sequences. Automate the outreach process and increase your conversion rates.

Suddig bakgrund

The results you can expect.

Our customers have experienced


Reduced time spent on manual tasks per week 


Increase in candidate response rates.


Reduced hiring costs.

How does it work?

Search for candidates.

Combine email and linkedin

Combine LinkedIn and email.

Track your results

Track your results.

Search for candidates

From junior to C-level, developers to lawyers. We find them all.

The latest from Essentiq.

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