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Smart Solutions for Healthcare Recruitment

In the fast-paced world of healthcare recruitment, finding top talent efficiently can be a daunting challenge. At Essentiq, we understand the unique demands faced by healthcare industry recruiters. Our platform is purpose-built to streamline your recruitment process and connect you with the best candidates in the field. hemsida-17.png

An automated tool to find and contact candidates.

Comprehensive Candidate Search

Effortlessly find highly skilled healthcare professionals like nurses, doctors, and specialists using our advanced search tools. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual searches.

Collaborative hiring

Collaborate with your team and stakeholders effortlessly. Share candidate profiles, feedback, and updates in real-time, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Engage and Schedule

Seamlessly engage with candidates, schedule interviews, and coordinate the hiring process efficiently. Our platform simplifies communication to help you fill critical positions faster.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Gain valuable insights into your healthcare recruitment process. Track metrics, monitor progress, and make informed decisions to optimize your recruitment strategy.

How does it work?

Search for candidates.

Combine email and linkedin

Combine LinkedIn and email.

Track your results

Track your results.



We empower recruiters with access to 600M+ diverse candidates to hire beyond your talent pool.


Reduce time spent on tedious tasks and maximize productivity with automation spanning sourcing, engagement, performance tracking and so much more.

Multichannel sequence


Essentiq has a powerful search engine with advanced filters to help you find exactly what you're looking for.


Everyone from internal recruiters to the recruiting firms can connect on Essentiq to source, engage and convert candidates for open roles.



Track all the insights you need to run a data-driven recruiting function that informs strategy, produces results and validates ROI.


Engage with candidates at scale with personalized multichannel sequences. Automate the outreach process and increase your conversion rates.

Suddig bakgrund

The results you can expect.

Our customers have experienced


Reduced time spent on manual tasks per week 


Increase in candidate response rates.


Reduced hiring costs.

Put Essentiq to work, Invest your time where it's needed.

Search for candidates

From junior to C-level, developers to lawyers. We find them all.

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