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Discover top talent faster with our powerful search engine.

Effortlessly source from a vast pool of 600+ million profiles. Find the right candidates with lazer precision, always with up-to-date contact info for direct communication.


Like Google for recruitment.

Vast talent pool.

We empower recruiters with access to 600M+ diverse candidates to hire beyond your talent pool. Search with no limitations


Our search engine is engineered for performance & ease-of-use. 


We gather public available data across the internet in real time - ensuring that you're always working with the freshest, most current candidate data.

Advanced filters.

Our advanced filters supports targeted searches with high precision and boolean search logic.

GDPR Compliant.

Our platform is GDPR compliant and designed to access only public information intended for professional use. 

How does it work?

Search for candidates.

Combine email and linkedin

Combine LinkedIn and email.

Track your results

Track your results.

Search without limitations.

Search for candidates

From junior to C-level, developers to lawyers. We find them all.

The latest from Essentiq.

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