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NEW FEATURE! Search automatically based on your job description.


Struggling to find qualified candidates efficiently?

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Effortlessly source from a vast pool of 800+ million profiles. AI algorithms identify the most relevant candidates, providing up-to-date contact info for direct communication.

"I used to spend hours each month manually searching for candidates. Now that I use Essentiq, it only takes me a few seconds... "



Discover top talent faster with our powerful sourcing.

Utilize the power of AI

Say goodbye to manual candidate searches. With Essentiq's AI-driven technology, simply paste your job description, and watch as our advanced algorithms scour a vast database to find the perfect candidates. It's recruitment made smarter, faster, and more efficient.

800+ million candidates at your fingertips

Essentiq's platform performs real-time searches on LinkedIn, ensuring that you're always working with the freshest, most current candidate data. Your recruitment efforts just got a major boost.

GDPR and privacy proof

Our platform is GDPR compliant and designed to access only public information intended for professional use. Your candidate searches remain secure, respecting both privacy regulations and professional boundaries.

How it works.

GPT Powered Recruitment
Advanced filter options

NEW FEATURE! Search automatically based on your job description.

Begin your candidate search journey by defining your criteria or take advantage of our AI-powered sourcing. If you choose the latter, simply paste your job description, and our advanced AI-search engine will source through a vast pool of 800+ million candidates to find the best matches. This ensures a quick and efficient start to your candidate search.

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